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Miracle Beads/Perles Magiques

Miracle beads/perle magique/ Wonder Beads/Glowing Beads have a Lucite core with a silver mirror plated finish and coated with several layers of colored lacquer.
perles magiques--Les perles "magiques" sont le fruit d'un travail de trempage qui favorise une illusion d'optique à la lumière. De couleurs très vives, elles vous permettront d'apporter des tonalités sucrées et surprenantes à vos créations. De première qualité et

When viewed in the light, they appear to have a bead within the bead.
The light passes through the lacquer, which reflects the mirror core back through the layers.
This results in an illusion of depth, hence the "miraculous? effect.
Miracle Beads come in 3 different qualities - the best grade is from Japan. They are also made in Taiwan and Mainland China which are normally found through Hong Kong distributors.
Our miracle beads are the best available from China.

For some reason, zSupplies refuse miracle Beads order from the Cornwall,UK, if your shipping address is located in the Area, we will NOT be shipped,bring you any inconvenience,feel very sorry.  update June 28,2013
2013-2014  Mixed colors Miracle Beads Added update
Mixed Size package can be valid  update 08-15-2012 PST
Christmas mixed package can be valid :P   update 10-06-2011 PST
5mm round miracle beads all colors back To stock now ! update 10-07-2011 PST
Items 1 to 16 of 434 total
Items 1 to 16 of 434 total